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Yummy Banana Bread Pudding

“Banana Bread” Bread Pudding

Well it’s time to get back on track with some cooking which I like to do and it grounds me, whether it is meatavor or my fav salad, I am getting into it and finally welcoming the New Year!  I posted earlier about a banana loaf on Facebook, well it was dry but still so […]

Quick Berry and Banana Trifle for 4

Ingredients: 1 package raspberries 1 banana Few fresh squeezes of an orange Limoncello Port Wine 7 strawberry short cake breads Directions: Bottom layer, break up  pieces of cake (you will want 2 layers in each large cup Add juice  (liqueur etc.) I free pour it but don’t drown the cake! Light sprinkle. Add layer of […]

French Toast Heaven with Peaches and Caramel Sauce

There was a bread sale for the past few weeks so I purchased 2 loaves of Texas style white and wholewheat.  This is a lot of bread and the freezer was full so it gave me the idea to make french toast but since I had some nice prosciutto and fresh pistachios, I thought I […]