Roasted Asparagus Tapas

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My first tapa in Barcelona was asparagus.  Not roasted or in a salad, but enjoyed as an appetizer.  It was lightly battered and served with a side dipping sauce.

It was yummy.  Hence I served some asparagus with my main course for My Spanish Party.

The easiest way I think to prepare this for a crowd is to oven roast it until it is just crisp but yet cooked.  No mushy asparagus in this household other than soup.

I brush it with olive oil , lined up on a cookie sheet and sprinkle some Parmesan cheese.

Roast for about 5 minutes (325 convection) and it is perfect for me, still crisp, great for a side or use in salad with a lemon type vinaigrette or light mayo and lemon sauce.  Add dill and voila, even more delicious.