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Veggie Kebabs with Halloumi Cheese

Marinated Vegetable Kebabs with Herbs & Halloumi Cheese

This is the first time I made this mix of veggies with Halloumi Cheese. I grilled cheese in the past on its own and it was good but this makes it pop and you get lovely veggies.  I chose to cut the veggies small, however, you could cube them larger if you wish.  Note, ensure […]

Asparagus Risotto

Asparagus Risotto with Lemon

I’ve been craving this all week and finally made some last night!  It did not disappoint. Very filling, comforting food.  Hubby loved it, had a snack when he arrived late from work.  I will be making this again with other interesting ingredients, i.e. roasted chestnuts, basil pesto, sweet potatoes or squash. One of the best […]

Asparagus Tips – Easy and Delicious

Trim asparagus trip where they naturally break Wash and rinse well to ensure no sandy residue remains Spread them on a non stick cookie sheet (one layer) Brush lightly with olive oil Sprinkle with pre-grated Parmesan cheese Cook for  5 minutes (depending on thinness) (325 convection) You want to end up with crispy asparagus tips […]