About the Author

Nicole Helene Mooney

Food nerd, bird lover, nature enthusiast, owner of  2 lovely parrots (my fids), love my garden buddies, food photography and birds of course, sunshine and friendly faces. Loyal Durham resident. Wanted to get out of dodge, but came back and enjoying life!

I fell in love with food at a very young age. You could say it was my first love. I wanted to taste new things and watch people cook. Food has always been exciting and new and eating out is still such a treat for me- not because we don’t frequent our local restaurants- but because I get to try a creation from someone’s point of view. One hundred people could cook spaghetti sauce but no two dishes will be exactly the same. This is the experience that keeps us wanting more- the experience that I am passionate about sharing with my readers.

When I first discovered how I loved the web in 1999, I registered this domain name with the goal to share recipes and have an online directory. In the end, I became busy with several clients and could not afford the time to maintain such a site, however, I always knew that someday I would make use of this and return to it someway, somehow- as my passion for food has never dissipated.

Now we are so connected via the internet and social media; it seems my two favourite things were destined to meet and blogging was created. People love to share and blog because everyone has a story- and I like many other folks I enjoy sharing. I hope my passion will develop into something much more someday. In the meantime, I plan to have fun and share tidbits and new recipes with my Facebook family, clients and friends and hopefully I’ll get some blog fans.

As as they say- “Nothing ventured nothing gained”.

I have already had so much fun and met some amazing people. I’ve come a long way baby (with marketing, design and more) but now it’s time to share great recipes and there are always new ones to try. Won’t you join me?

A votre sante mes amis!!

Nicole Mooney

(Picky Nicky)