Catalan Tomato Bread


For my Spanish party (photo above) I wanted to share my Catalan Tomato bread experience from an exquisite restaurant in Barcelona, near Las Ramblas.

Fresh garlic, fresh tomatoes and crusty bread is essential for authentic Catalan Tomato Bread.

I did not have Catalan bread nor did I have time to make it, hence I had to improvise with Freselle Bread.  My demo wasn’t as good, seemed to make lots of crumbs.  Freselle is much thicker so the results were not the same but the taste was good.  Now I know for next time.


  1. Taking a stale piece of very old or crusty bread,  take the garlic clove and rub vigourously.  (they did not even remove peel in this little restaurant)
  2. Then take 1/2 of a tomato and rub/mush into the bread, stroking back and forth.
  3. Then add good olive oil and sprinkle with salt.  Enjoy.  Salt is optional.  This bread is wonderful with fresh smoked Spanish meats.

Below is the image of  Catalan Tomato Bread without meat and one image is with meat. (sorry for the messy photo, this was on our plate which also had salad).  We were in heaven and thoroughly enjoying this cool way to eat bread.

At first when our lady serving us started rubbing garlic I was  taken aback, (while she says ‘This is true Catalan Tomato Bread), and I’m thinking ruck it still has the peel on it and then she smushes a tomato? What that is weird, and then tops off with salt and LOTS of olive oil.  Well end result not so weird, end result ‘awsome’!.  We did a few on our own.  I have to add my video to this post. Hope to do this next week.

This was our favourite restaurant in Barcelona, a unique experience and the results were so fresh and tasty. We eventually met the owner and he was very kind to us, giving us extra Sangria  and a good homemade raki. mmm mmm  We finished off with a creamy creme brulee.