Heritage Lunch Series – South African Luncheon








Our first very successful and delicious Heritage Lunch was hosted and catered by Fran Steyn and her lovely mom Sally at their quaint cafe on Brock Street , http://www.frantasticevents.ca/.

They shared their love of food and a very traditional delicious South African food!

Our wonderful menu consisted of the following:

  • Bobotie, a Dutch Malay dish made of ground beef with curry spices. and an egg mixture that you pour over the top and then back in an oven. This recipe first appeared in a dutch cookbook in 1609! Served over Saffron rice with sultanas (a particular type of raisin – green) delicious!
  • Our next dish was Krimmel Pap and Sous with Boerewors. Pap.  This is similar to polenta however cooked until its crumbled (Krimmel) and dry. Sous (Sauce) of tomatoes and onion are then poured over the top of the pap and served with meat, mostly Boerewors (Farmers Sausage) made again from beef and spices like black pepper coriander, garlic etc.

All very tantalizing and comforting to the palate!

  • Our dessert was also equally as delicious featuring a milk tart and koeksister super sweet treats.

Dessert – Milk Tert – a custard pie sprinkled with cinnamon and with a crust.
A koeksister is a traditional South African confectionery made of fried dough infused in syrup or honey.

 african-plate-2 basket bowl koeksister table-setting-one